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Wife's letter

November 17, 2013

H.E. Mr. Hun Sen
The Prime Minister of Cambodia

Your Excellency,

My husband first came to Cambodia twelve years ago, a time when there was not a single tourist to be seen on the coast. He fell in love with people, the nature and the ancient culture of the Kingdom.
During his first visit he also bought the small island of Koh Dek Koul on which he established a unique project that people come to see as a work of art up to this day.
He believed in this country and a few years later started to work on an archipelago project located on the border with Vietnam.
Many people were skeptic about it back then, and many people still cannot believe in the magnitude of it to this day. This multi-billion project includes the building of schools, nurseries, conference halls, hotels, maternity hospital, rehabilitation center, training facilities, nursing home, concert hall, home for elderly people etc. for this purpose he bought seven more islands a year and a half ago. He also activated the transfer of his Russian company funds in order to make a personal investment of 100 000 000,- USD and the raise of another 900 000 000,- USD. He even permanently moved to Cambodia himself.
Within this amount of time he had many people visiting him here in Cambodia – businessmen, artists, scientists, philosophers and just simple people who were mostly skeptic about this project. To be honest, I was a little skeptic about it myself and more so ever – moving to Cambodia after all these years in Moscow was a very serious decision.
I know my husband has done it before and believe in him. Looking back now I remember that people were also skeptic when he started projects like “Moscow City” which is so to say the business card of Moscow to this day with its estimated value over 20 billion dollars, and The Moscow Federation Tower that was given the Business Center No1 award of the world, and everyone was skeptic about it the beginning.
I know that there is not a single of his projects that wasn’t successful and we are talking more than three billion square meters of property here built so far. I am very much looking forward to what he has planned here in Cambodia.
Unfortunately on December 31st last year my husband and two of his employees were arrested and brought to Sihanoukville city prison where he spent 95 days. The two other people that spent 75 days in the prison were found not guilty of the charges implemented.
I am not claiming the innocence of my husband here, that is for the court to judge, but I can say that for this reason we returned back here from Israel – a country that never gives out its citizens and protects the Jews from all over the world.
We believe in the pure intentions of the Kingdom of Cambodia that accepted the papers filed for his citizenship in this country, even more so – it was clear that without the citizenship it would not be possible to make the planned investment.
Unfortunately it’s very difficult for me to explain in this short letter the things that have happened within the last year and a half and to be honest that would not be right for me to do.
I am not asking for descent or help of any kind. What I’m asking for is to conduct a full legal investigation on the matters of my husbands Cambodian property issues after his recent arrest and the legal side of this arrest itself.

Yours Respectfully,
Olga Deripasko